A 5 day journey
to restore and rejuvenate your heart, mind and body.

Get Yoga, specialized music, chanting, guided meditation mingled with carefully crafted content at your fingertips.
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Starting with the mind

Clear the stress from the root of the mind, removing negative impressions.

Going on for the body

Unlock the techniques to make your body more capable.

Becoming unshakable!

Master your emotions and gain power over your own life.

Is this course for you?

Are you stressed out and busy with your work schedules? Then this quick shot of health will help you get back on track!

The heart-strengthening program is your guide for preparing your body against foreign diseases and viruses, giving you the best results for a long term lifespan. Uniquely tailored to fit the stressed-out working professionals, we offer this 5-day program that teaches you various Indian techniques of yoga and meditation. This is coupled with other spiritual and holistic ideas to form a beautiful journey, made to help you improve!


Course STYH Presentation 2 - Heart strengthening course

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Course STYH Presentation 5 - Heart strengthening course

Your Instructors

Ms Ravali
Ms. Arutla Ravali
Yoga Instructor

Mr Narisi
P.Narisi Reddy
Yoga Instructor

All big changes start with a small step

Watch this video to find out how this course can help you achieve results!


The heart strengthening course

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  • How will I be able to access the course?
How will I be able to access the course?

After payment has been done, the total course will be available in the profile section and for a lifetime period.

  • What makes this course different from the rest?
What makes this course different from the rest?

This course has been prepared after taking in responses from many working professionals, to create a solution to their various issues.

  • What are some of the exercises I will learn?
What are some of the exercises I will learn?

Some of the exercises that will take place over the 5 days are: Nada Anusandhana, Nadi shudhi, Bhramri, Music meditation (Music made by inhouse musicians),Yog Nidra and many more.

  • How much does this course cost?
How much does this course cost?

This course currently costs ₹799/-, but we have constant offers going on that you can look out for!


Patient testimonials


Richa Khemka -Tanjore artist, event manager and a homemaker

I’m following the videos which are helping me in reducing negative emotions and sleeping better. Watching an online course at home is the best option right now due to the pandemic. More overall the instructions are under the guidance of the best yoga instructors.

Mrs. Meena Mohan

Mrs. Meena Mohan – Director, Orbicular Pharmaceutical technologies private limited

Did the five-day course. It’s so soothing! It was very rejuvenating!
Thank you Save the young heart team for organizing such a wonderful course!
I recommend this course for whoever wants to take a pause and reflect inside.

Mr. Vegalala

Sai Reddy – Sr. Director, Infor Global Solutions

I had an amazing experience in this program. This course is an eye-opener for everyone undergoing a lot of stress. Working in the IT industry, I have observed a significant improvement in my lifestyle due to this course. I find myself to be much more calm and focused at work. I recommend everyone to try this course to witness a major transformation.


Iti Garg – psychiatrist

I found the course quite user friendly. It had clear instructions to help me navigate through different pages. The course itself was very meaningful and beautifully presented. It’s very relevant in today’s stressful environment. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to have a more positive outlook.


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