P.Narisi Reddy

An experienced yoga instructor for your holistic needs.
“I want to utilize my technical skills, Yoga knowledge and educational background in organizations, to help provide value to people.“


Mr Narisi

Mr Narisi


His beliefs

To be able to help people see the other side of the coin, to see the spiritual and yogic side of health.

Mr Reddy has been interested in self-enquiry since his childhood days. He says when he was in the ninth class, he had questions which his teachers could not answer. He wanted to explore the mystic world of Indian philosophy. This quest of the self, made him want to explore various paths which were supposed to lead to the origin of life on earth.

Though he is a trained pharmacist (he has completed his MSC in yoga 5 yrs ago), he has learnt many meditation techniques and yoga techniques in order to quench his thirst for this self-enquiry. He likes teaching people the various techniques of yoga for different ailments and for fitness.

He firmly believes that the most important aspect of a person is his honesty, integrity, and character. He feels still he has to go a long way and a lot more to achieve.



Mr. Narisi up close

  • Work experience
  • Publications
  • Teaching in the google campus (2015-2016)
  • Experience teaching yoga in Oracle
  •  Teaching the IL&FC company yoga class of 2015 october
  • Teaching in the Cybage software 2018 & 2019 programs
  • Assistant Professor, Department Of Pharmacognosy, S B D college of pharmacy, Bengaluru
  • Assistant Professor, Department Of Pharmacognosy, JJ college of pharmacy,Telangana
  • B.PHARMACY hospital training in Prajavidyasala,Gujjanagundla,Guntur
  • D. Brahma Reddy and P.Narisireddy (2012). pharmacognostic,preliminary phytochemical and pharmacological studies on the roots of acyarnatus aspera ijppr journal 2012:4(3):139-141
  • Desireddy RB, Jitendrakumar P, Narisireddy P, (2012) Development and Validation of UV spectrophotometric method for Estimation of Gabapentin in Pharmaceutical dosage form ijcps . 2012, Dec., Vol. 3 (4)
  • Murali krishna k , Narisireddy P , siva nageswara rao t (2012) esomeprazole enteric coated intestinal fast dissolving tablets compared with marketed products from october -december 2012 rjpbcs volume 3 issue 4 page no. 1032

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A Heartier Future for YOU

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A Heartier Future for YOU

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