Yoga & Exercise

Yoga and meditation helps to live in sync with true nature of honesty, generosity, truthfulness and love thus making the life purposeful, joyful and happy. If given respect to these techniques, they will give the body flexibility, strength and balance.

The asanas are the external medicine of yoga. They work the best with regulated proper diet and life style recommendations. Without these the healing potential of yoga is limited. The body activity reflects the nutrition that body receives.

Pranayama is the internal medicine of yoga. Pranayama brings the prana or vital energy directly into the body and revitalize it. It is the primary form of healing for the body and mind.

Exercise helps in detoxification through sweating, as the toxins are released from the deep inside the tissues to be brought to the surface. Thus the body absorbs the nutrients better when it gets rid of the toxins.

Radhika doing yoga

Regular practice of yoga and exercise cultivates flexibility while helping to release stagnated toxins from your body that inhibit the free flow of vital energy.

Precautions to be followed before doing yoga

  1. Always learn from a proper teacher.
  2. Follow the instructions carefully as these are powerful subtle sciences with immense benefits.
  3. In enthusiasm never overdo as it can cause negative effects on health.
  4. Always sit straight, not bending neck sideward or backward to avoid any harm caused by the wrong postures.
  5. Practice on a mat by wearing fresh, loose and comfortable clothing for smooth flow of energy.

Adi Shankara called the third layer of the physical body as Pranayama kosha which means “the sheath made of vital energy.”
There is a difference between the cells of a corpse and the cells of a vibrant living being. This organizing principle that breathes life into biochemical is called prana. There are five seats of prana in the body, localized in the head, throat, heart, stomach, and pelvis. These centers of movement govern the flow of life force throughout the body. When prana is moving freely throughout the cells and tissues, vitality and creativity are abundant. Yogic breathing exercises, known as Pranayama techniques, are designed to awaken and purify the vital energy layer of the body.

–Deepak Chopra(Seven Spiritual Laws of yoga)

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A Heartier Future for YOU

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A Heartier Future for YOU