CardioArt – The Art Contest

This is an art contest to spread awareness about the heart and its various aspects.

About the Contest

It is seen that an image can be better interpreted and memorised by the brain than any form of text content. Also, in this modern era, it can be found that the risk of getting heart diseases is increasing very rapidly and mostly affecting the younger generation like a slow poison. Keeping this in mind Save The Young Heart is conducting an art competition on the Heart and it’s various aspects to spread awareness among the people, particularly among the youngsters.

Name of the Contest: CardioArt

Contest Starting Date: 10th October 2020

Contest Ending Date: 10th November 2020

Prize Money:

  1. First Prize: ₹1000/-
  2. Second Prize: ₹500/-

Rules of the Contest

  1. The image should be sent through DM to our Instagram page along with a small description of the image.
  2.  The image should be of high quality and free from plagiarism. Any type of artwork is accepted.
  3. The image will be reviewed for relevancy, and if found relevant, will be allowed for the contest.
  4. The participant needs to follow our Instagram page.
  5. After submission and review, you are required to register yourself by filling the form attached in the register section.
  6. Once your artwork is posted on our page, you will be notified about it and you can share it to gain maximum likes and comments.

How to Register?

  1. Follow our instagram page.
  2. Send your content through DM to the our instagram profile.
  3. After your content is posted by abiding all the rules of the contest, fill the form attached below.
  4. Now, you fixed your position in the contest.

How to Win the Contest?

  1. Ensure to follow our Instagram Page.
  2. Ensure your post quality is the best among other participants.
  3. Share the post to gain maximum likes and comments.
    • Likes count one point”.
    • Comments count two points”.
  4. All the above parameters will be counted and a cummulative score will be calculated. The participant with the highest score will be the winner and the next best score will be the runners up.

styh LOGO e1591797601398 - CardioArt - The Art Contest

A Heartier Future for YOU

styh LOGO e1591797601398 - CardioArt - The Art Contest

A Heartier Future for YOU