How prayer and meditation can improve your health.

May 16, 2020 by Dr. Ritu0

Prayer for the mind is as essential as food is for the body. Good food strengthens the body. Stale food brings about ill-health. Similarly, participation in prayer makes the heart pure. On the other hand, if one participates with arrogance, ego, and show, it would harm your mind just as the bad food impairs the body. Therefore, youth must travel from slumber and inactivity to penance. One should not stop meditation because it is the lifeline, which will hold and sustain one during the most challenging times.

In Hindu philosophy, everything in creation was born out of the vibrations of one word. The universe is nothing but UNI VERSE.

Earth is a consolidated form of various complex vibrations. Our body, and all that we see, feel, touch, and hear, emanates from these vibrations. Due to our limited capacity, we cannot feel, see, or hear the higher or lower frequencies within the waves. Television, a communications network in any form, satellites, and all the other mechanisms are only subtle vibrations.

Vibrations can be healing, soothing, and nurturing like that of a mother’s love, or they can be destructive, like those from our mobile phones, laptop, or television radiation. The soothing vibrations reduce the release of the stress hormone, cortisol, and the fear, fight, and flight response triggered by this hormone. These responses also cause a decreased respiratory rate, an increased heart rate, and injury to the cells caused by free radicals. Soothing vibrations also provide a significant reduction in anxiety and depression related to diseases.

An optimized release of neurotransmitters from the brain helps in improved prevention of depression, high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, acidity, and insomnia.  Immunity and resistance to various diseases and infections increase via these neurotransmitters, thus reducing the need for medicines. Read more on this topic in the link below.

We give you additional information from the writings of Swami Bhajananda from the Vedanta Society in the link below.  We encourage you to read more on this subject to better understand how prayer and meditation work together to improve your spiritual health.

This study also shows the positive effect of collective prayers on the health of patients who were in distant places. This distant healing shows the power and speed of vibrations. The intensity of prayers and meditation make the vibrations stronger. In Hindu scriptures, many incidents show the instantaneous effect of healing.

Prayer and meditation connect us to the higher self, along with generating significant mental and physical advantages. The mind stays calmer, clearer, brighter, and happier. We are able to think and act responsibly in response to various life challenges.

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A Heartier Future for YOU

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A Heartier Future for YOU

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