Television sets are installed in every room in the houses of the rich and also is installed in every hut. From the moment television made its appearance, the mind of man has been polluted. Before the advent of TV, men’s minds were not as polluted. Acts of violence were not so rampant previously. People watch TV even while eating.
The result is that all the foul things seen on TV are being consumed by the viewer. Concentration on TV affects one’s view of the world. The scenes, thoughts, and actions displayed on the TV set fill the minds of the viewers.
Unknowingly, agitation and ill feelings enter their minds. In due course they take root and grow in their minds. Hence while eating, you should not discuss dreadful incidents.
No room should be given to subjects that excite the mind. Silence should prevail during eating. Even sound waves enter into us and affect our minds. Hence people should avoid TV while eating.

-- Sri Sathya Sai Speaks