Site Credits

Save the Young Heart’s brand identity was conceived by Dr.Anand Agarwal and Dr. Ritu Agarwal, because of their passion and desire to serve the society, by bringing awareness of preventing heart diseases in young age.

We Thank Krishna Bhupalam of #ThoughtCube for his valuable suggestions and feedback.

We Thank Jayamadhuri Bhupalam of #ThoughtCube for her contribution in compilation and development of website.

We Thank Lokesh Thanneru of #ThoughtCube, for his support in Website Design.

Most of the beautiful images you see on this site are thanks to the enormous talent of Shobit Gupta.

We thank Kushal Kumar Jain and 7activestudio for interesting videos that you find on this site, just to bring awareness and knowledge about heart to the viewers.

We thank all the people who have contributed directly or indirectly to be part of this website.

Thank you for visiting, and for your interest and support.