Senses control

Lack of sense control is the main cause of all the unrest and agitation that you find in the world today. All spiritual practices will prove futile if one lacks sense control. He who is able to fully control his senses will be in a position to attain liberation or Moksha.

Some people are under the misapprehension that they miss the very essence of life, if they control their senses and deny themselves the pleasures of the senses. This is a mistaken idea.
The real meaning and significance of this process is not that we are restraining the senses from performing their functions but that we are directing and regulating them along the proper channels.
Thus we shall be able to enjoy the real delight of the mind and the real pleasure of the spirit.
Man can control the mind and attain peace by constant and sustained practice. It is only in a peaceful mind that noble thoughts arise. The mind should be under the control of man.
Master the mind, and be a Mastermind.


First of all, one should exercise control over the tongue. You must ask this question, “O tongue, how many bags of rice, wheat, and vegetables have you devoured! How many delicacies have you consumed! Fie on you if you are still not satisfied.”
You should eat for the sake of satisfying your hunger and sustaining the body.

You must control your tongue as it always craves a variety of delicacies. Do not give undue importance to taste.

Likewise, tell your eyes to see God instead of watching unsacred things on television or video.

Teach your ears to listen to the stories of the Lord instead of listening to vain gossip.

Think for a while how you benefit by listening to unsacred things. In fact, you are polluting your heart in the process. All that you see and hear gets imprinted on your heart. The human heart is like a pen. The color of the words that you write will be the same as the color of the ink in the pen. Similarly you should fill your heart with love. Then what you think, what you say, and what you do will be suffused with love.

-- Sri Sathya Sai Speaks