Ideal Diet

The ideal diet is the one which suits ‘Our’ body. There are some general rules which are applicable to most of us but exceptions are there everywhere.

According to Eastern medicine, all of us have three natures / doshas namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. So as all of us are different, our body also reacts differently to our environment, which leads to aggravation or reduction of the equilibrium in these three doshas. Our body reacts or responds to different seasons and climate changes. We have forgotten the way to live life that is why we are having rampant increase in all sorts of acute and chronic diseases.

Awareness of what we eat and drink, how we eat and drink, how we respond and not react to our daily challenges, are the most important factors for consideration. Awareness about them will relieve us of almost 60 to 70 % of the symptoms in most of the diseases. In short, not all raw foods are good and not all cooked foods are bad.


Some people are able to tolerate foods that others cannot. In order to determine if a particular foods diet is right for you, look at your general ability to digest it and your current health situation.

How does your body react to the foods that you are currently consuming?

It may help you to keep a daily food journal and note how you feel after eating different kinds of foods. Keep in mind that sometimes you won’t immediately feel the effects of eating a certain kind of food until the next day. Pay attention and you will begin to notice patterns in symptoms and thus you can add or reduce that item in your diet. All we take in through the doors of the 5 sense organs may be described as the "sathwic diet".

Sathwic diet means :

Intake of vegetarian food
Breathing pure air
Lisetning to pleasant sounds
Looking at good sights
Touching pure objects.