Heart Felt Music

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Sound as a Therapy


The atmosphere around is cleansed and reverberates with positive vibrations.


Listening for 10 minutes of music after each meal with closed eyes helps in deep relaxation of mind and body. The concentration and the focus of the mind are increased.


Heartbeat changes in response to volume and speed of music, louder and faster noises raising heart rate and blood pressure while slower, and softer music calms and relax the heart rate.


Levels of endorphins, the natural pain relievers produced by the body, are increased while listening to a favorite music.


It also decreases the levels of stress hormones and improves immune function. A study at Michigan State University in 1993 showed that exposure of even 15 minutes to music could increase interleukin-1 levels resulting in heightened immunity.


The imbalance in various chakras which leads to different type of diseases is rectified thus allowing the smooth flow of the universal energy in the body and thus promotes healing.


OM - The Primordial Sound

Reverance to Guru

Mata Pita tum mere - Sounds of ISHA

A Meditative Song

Bhuddam Sharnam Gacchami - Sounds of ISHA