Main reasons to consume turmeric and neem


Anti Inflammatory – The multiple chemical substances like Curcumin in haldi and nimbolide in neem up regulate the immune response, have antioxidant activity and also reduce the inflammation. Therefore preventing the risk of cancer and also the effect of post cancer, chemo and radiotherapy.


Purifier - Both are excellent cleansers for our skin, body, blood and the energy system. Put some overnight soaked neem leaves in bathing water with a pinch of haldi for a clear, itching less, glowing skin and leave a refreshing feeling. They take care of body odor gently.


Heart protective and hepato protective –helps in smooth functioning of liver thus reducing amount of cholesterol production and reducing heart diseases.



Anti- hyperglycemic - thus can help in reducing the blood sugar.


Antibacterial, antiviral & antifungal - by increasing the immunity of the body.
Because of these properties they are very useful for the people who suffer from cold and cough, blocked nostrils, sinusitis, recurrent illnesses with climate change.
How to take -You can make small peanut size balls with mixing water or can take one to two capsule of 100mg each, empty stomach with water.
Protection from various diseases like -
-Cardiovascular , cancer prevention, Alzheimer’s
-inflammatory bowel diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, cystic fibrosis.


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