Five elements

Everything in this universe is a play of these five elements
air, water, earth, fire and ether.
Even our human body is made up of these five elements. All of these elements have to be treated with utmost respect and gratitude to see the true magic of the creation. The following are the most beneficial and subtle aspects of these five elements [Panch Bhutas].


Air – The quality and the quantity of air and the way it is inhaled makes all the difference. Easy deep breathing for a few minutes everyday will improve the immunity and therefore the general wellbeing to a great extent.


Water – 72% of our body is water. Water has a great memory therefore, how it is stored and how it is treated before consuming is very important as this will change it’s molecular structure. It should be taken with a sense of love and gratitude to increase the energies.



Earth – All of us have come from earth and will go back to it one day. Every day for a few minutes try to get in contact with mother earth by walking bare feet or touching the plants or trees with your hands in garden to stay connected.


Fire – Exposure to early morning sunlight for few minutes everyday can cleanse our fire element. It removes negative energy and energize our body. It is very important to return to our true self i.e., God by cleansing the fire of hatred, jealousy, anger, greed and desire.


Ether – This is the most expensive element of all. It is limitless. By bowing to it before and after sunset we can show our gratitude to the element which is holding everything in it’s place.