Cow ghee –A boon


This clarified butter is the ideal cooking oil because it is stable,does not burn until and unless heated excessively and also because of its other nourishing qualities. According to Ayurveda ,cow ‘s ghee ingestion is like offering the purest of fuel in the fire of digestion which is known as agni.


If used judiciously ,it increases Hdl reduces LdL oxidation in subendothelial space of arteries thereby reducing atherosclerosis and thus reducing the risk of heart attack/stroke.


It slows down aging and increases immunity by increasing the most refined essence of digestion called ‘ojas’,Prana(our life force),Dhatus (our tissues), internal juices of the body called ‘rasa’’.



Detoxification-In Ayurveda panchkarma Ghee is used for Loosening the deep rooted toxins at mental and physical level.


Rejuvenation –In panchkarma after cleansing ghee is used for the rebuilding and restoration of health along with other rejuvenating herbs.


It increases the intelligence and memory thus strengthening the brain and the nervous system.


It is good for healthy skin,burns and wounds.
Caution -People who are overweight have cough with intake of ghee or with increase ‘kapha’ dosha should use it sparingl Finally we should remember that we are different from each other so always use your discretion with any change in your diet.


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