Case Scenarios / Case studies

Why the lessons of life have to be learned in a harder way? Please check the following scenarios.

Scenario 1

Anna was a 19 year old engineering college student. She was obese and had thyroid issues for which she was on medication. She loved to participate in various college activities .The college fest was fast approaching, everybody was busy in rehearsals. Anna had given her name for sports and cultural activities. The tension was mounting with all teams aiming for the first prize. Read more

Scenario 2

James swallowed 2 cups of coffee quickly at lunch. He did not have time for a proper lunch as a very important client was coming for a deal. This could lead to a very big assignment, which meant a big commission for him. Read more

Scenario 3

Robert was on the top of the world, he was just 40 and the business was flourishing day and night.
He wanted to multiply the turnover of his company by ten times, the chances were fair but he had to shuttle all over the globe. Read more

Scenario 4

Samantha was a very active house wife .Her husband was an hotelier. He owned a chain of restaurants all over Australia. Read more

Scenario 5

Peter was 35, is Bus driver by profession. Today was not a good day, he felt. He fought with his girl friend before leaving home .His short temper made him react. Read more

Does anything seems to be familiar in your life?

Anna, James, Robert, Samantha and Peter from the above scenarios, could have avoided the life threatening situations by being watchful of their health.

All of them had some or the other of the following risk factors like:

Family history
High cholesterol

The disease progression can be reduced by being aware of the risk factors with healthy life style modification.