Air – The most essential element of life


"The surrounding environment and the way you breath, sit, eat and talk affects the quality and quantity of the Air you inhale and thus your way of experiencing life."

Air is one of the 5 bio-elements without which we can survive only for a few minutes. According to Eastern medicine, Air signifies kinetic energy or the energy of motion. It is the force behind every motion. It is synonymous with Prana or life force. Air is the force which helps in thought flow, nerve transmission, blood circulation, digestion and all our joints movements.

Benefits of Deep Breathing

Deep breathing has originated from the Science of Yoga specifically from Pranayama. This word Pranayama is derived from two Sanskrit words Prana (life force) and Yama (control). That means through proper control of different breathing techniques, the quality of life can be improved.


Breathe consciously, slowly and deeply.


Deeper breathing leads to a longer lifespan as the amount of oxygen reaching the lungs for purification of blood is more. Life is not possible without oxygen for few minutes. Shallow breathing leads to a prolonged oxygen deficit leading to major loss of health.
The life span of tortoise is very long because of their deep breathing pattern.



It increases the amount of oxygen delivered to body through lungs thus detoxifying the body. It is said that with effective breathing we can remove about 70% of toxins through breathing properly.


The immunity of the body increases thus reducing the cold, cough, recurrent infections etc.


It strengthens the nervous system along with increasing energy,stamina and reducing stress.


It strengthens the Heart and the lungs by improving the circulation of oxygen thus reducing their workload.


It massages the internal organs like stomach, small intestines, liver and pancreas thus improving the digestion.

Factors affecting Breathing


The breathing becomes shallow by smoking, obesity, pollution and any lung diseases.


Similarly processed food, cold drinks, ice creams, sweets, oily, non vegetarian food make the breathing shallow.


Life force and oxygen rich healthy foods are water, sprouted seeds, fruits and leafy vegetables.